End the Mass Media Brainwashing of Americans

The Recent News play has been enormously positive for Obama. We have received eyewitness reports from entertainers that say that their job will end if they speak badly about Obama. There is a concerted effort in the media to constantly play up what a good job Obama is doing. In the past 3 months, over 14,000 news journalists have been laid off! The nexus of news people is very small and controllable now. Add to this the analogue to digital network conversion and you see a pattern.

Scientists have studied how brain waves are altered by the same digital signals used today by the RF signal in cell phones and TV signals. The net effect of these waves is to scatter mental focus, making it more difficult to think clearly. As early as 1965, a November Popular Mechanics featured an article on brain control with radio waves. Even before this, the CIA was studying how to use these waves on the American people. http://americasthirdparty.ning.com/photo/popmec11a-1?context=latest

As a test, take your cell phone and set it next to a standard radio at low volume. Every 20 minutes or so you will notice a huge spiking sound run through your radio speakers. This commonly occurs now all over the digital networks. You can only imagine how disturbing this radio frequency is to normal brain function. Long term studies have shown huge effects on the population. Doctors and scientists have noted its serious effect on the people of Europe, where the digital signals have been used for a long time. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=12596

So, if we are all undergoing a series of controlled news feeds, radio frequency manipulation, and social pressure to conform, we can assume that brainwashing is going on in a big way. The question I am asking is, how can we break free of this huge force that serves to keep us separate and not united? Tune in to our BlogTV show every night at 6PM PST to discuss the ways we are breaking through the brainwashing tactics that are being used. http://www.blogtv.com/people/americasthirdparty