We Endorse Jeff Vanke For Congress in Virginia's 6th Congressional District


Recognized party qualifications:

Received at least 10% of the total vote cast for any statewide office filled in either of the two preceding statewide general elections [24.2-101.] (Only Democrats & Republicans qualify)

Primary ballot access:

File a list of names of persons who would be elected delegates [24.2-543] Petition: 10,000 signatures of qualified voters who attest they intend to participate in the same primary as the candidate, including 400 from each of the 11 districts (note: 700 signatures from each district is recommended) [24.2-545] Deadline: set by the State Board, will be provided in August 2003

General ballot access for non-recognized party and independent candidates:

Petition: 10,000 signatures of qualified voters, with 400 from each district [24.2-543] (Though it is recommended that 15,000—20,000 signatures be obtained with at least 700 from each congressional district) Circulate after January 1, 2012? Deadline: 74 days before the election [24.2-543] Last day to withdraw from the ballot: 45 days before the election [24.2-541] Presidential Primary date: if called by the state party (at least 90 days before the primary date), it will be held February 10, 2004. [24.2-545] Voter registration: 29 days before the primary or general election Source: The Reform Institute (December 2003). Presidential Ballot Access: State by State Scorecard. Retrieved November 10, 2008, from

Write-In Information

The presidential and vice-presidential candidates will need to fill out the “Joint Declaration of Intent”, which is due into the Virginia State Board of Elections no later than Saturday, October 25, 2008. The form requires the listing of the names of 13 Presidential Electors. 11 of the electors must be one from each of the 11 Congressional Districts in Virginia. The other two can be “at large”. The form must be notarized. State Board of Elections ATTN: Election Services Division 200 North Ninth Street, Suite 101 Richmond, VA 23219-3497 Source: Frank Moore (May 8, 2008). US Presidential Write-In Candidate Requirements For Each State. Retrieved November 10, 2008, from