Solving Homelessness- Giving Everyone an Address

We believe homelessness can be eliminated with a revolutionary approach. We support the BRINGING AMERICA HOME ACT and would like to supplement it with a Homestead Renewal Program where people, including homeless people, can build homes on Federal land and earn credits toward ownership of one of the homes they build.

In the meantime, centers can be built with showers, beds, telephones and mailboxes. These centers can receive donations of clothing and food so that people can be given new clothing when they arrive at the center. The idea that homeless people are indigent, mentally ill or are unable to work is a misconception. If we don't invest in our own people, this country cannot expect to get better. Homeless people need jobs and the opportunity to become productive members of society.

Giving Everyone an Address: Mailboxes for the Homeless

Mailboxes are vitally important in order to provide the homeless with residency so that they may vote, seek employment and become active members of society. Unfortunately, the USPS does not currently provide free P.O. Boxes to the homeless. Consequently, they are facing litigation to resolve this issue. While this case is being resolved, we believe there may be other possible solutions to this problem. Perhaps private enterprise might want to get involved. If not, non-profit organizations and even individuals can unite to provide mailboxes directly to the homeless. Private companies like Mailboxes, Etc. that offer mailboxes to customers for a set fee may join the effort to offer free mailboxes to the homeless. Perhaps the government could offer charitable donation status to companies that offer this service. If so, there would be a financial incentive for providing this service. Even if this effort is not tax-deductible, offering free mailboxes to the homeless might serve as a good publicity campaign for these companies.

These companies and others could help sponsor specially designed cargo containers lined with mailboxes. These mobile mailbox trailers could be set up in homeless communities. Plus, they could even be moved with the homeless community in a transient situation, like a tent city. The homeless person would be given a box number and a key to retrieve mail. Sponsoring companies could advertise their name across these mobile mailboxes similar to how NASCAR vehicles display sponsor logos. Essentially, we would use advertising dollars to build and move these units. This would show how much the private sector truly cares about the homeless problem in America. By simply offering mailboxes, companies will be helping the homeless to help themselves. In addition, they will receive the benefit of a positive public image.

Non-profit organizations and individuals are already doing a tremendous job to fight the effects of homeless. They are a great support with their efforts. Perhaps these organizations could install mailboxes designed for apartments outside of their locations. In this case, the homeless person would be given a box number and a key to be able to retrieve their mail in the same manner as an apartment renter. This effort is only the beginning of a movement to effect political change in this country. Eventually, we would like to solve the homelessness altogether.